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Recommend: Router、 Laser、 Polisher、 Saw


  • CNC Router

    Mintech CNC Router:

    Four Series:SR series ,V series, T series ,R series,MD系列

    Moving mode:Table moving or Beam moving

    CNC System:Siemens or Weihong

    Drive System:Yaskawa or Delta

    Transmission mode:Ball wire rod or bevel rack

    Spindle: Air cooling or Water cooling;Italy HSD or Domestic brand

    Machinable:Soft Metal, Plastic, Composites, Wood, etc

    Work size:600×600mm,600×1200mm,1300×2500mm,1500×3000mm,2000×6000mm,etc

  • Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

    Type of laser:RF Laser and DC Glass Tub

    Laser power:100W,150W,200W,300W,450W,550W

    Control System:Ruida CNC system

    Drive mode:Mitsubishi Servo Drive

    Transmission mode:Ball Wire Rod & Linear Guide

    Optical path mode: Reflective conduction path

    Laser cooling:Water cooling

    Work size:1250×900mm,1250×2500mm,1500×3000mm,2100×3100mm

    Machinable Materials:Non-metallic,Acrylic,wood,Paper,etc

  • Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine

    Two Series: MY series , HS series

    Frame structure: Steel structure or granite structure

    Polishing Mode:Diamond cutter high speed cutting and milling

    Machine Type:Bi-side polishing or single-side polishing

    Control mode:PLC & Touch screen

    Machined thickness:100mm

    Machined length:1300mm,1600mm,2500mm

    Machinable Materials:Acrylic,PC,PS,etc

  • Automatic Beam Saw

    Control mode:PLC & Touch screen Automatic control

    Drive mode:Delta Servo Drive

    Transmission mode:Ball Wire Rod & Linear Guide

    Machined thickness:≤100mm

    Work size:1300×1300mm、1300×2500mm、2500×2500mm、3200×3200mm

    Size of main blade:Ø355×Ø60mm

    Size of grooving saw blade:Ø180×50mm

    Machinable Materials:Acrylic,PC,PS,Wood, Aluminum plastic panels etc



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Dongguan Mintech Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Mintech Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Hengbang Science and Technology Park, Niushan Industrial Zone, Dongguan. The company covers an area of 5,000 square meters and is a one-stop integrated supplier of acrylic processing equipment.

Founded in 2001, the company focuses on research and development of acrylic processing equipment such as: diamond polishing machine, high-light CNC engraving machine, screw laser cutting machine, electronic cutting saw; Fundamentally solve the technical problems in the field of acrylic processing, and continuously promote acrylic processing equipment technical upgrade; There is the domestic professional positioning of acrylic products processing equipment manufacturers now...

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